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The True Story of My Life. A Sketch by Hans Christian Andersen.

Translated by Mary Howitt. Brown Green & Longmans, London, 1847. James Munro & Co. Boston, 1847. 298 p. - Anm.: The Literary Gazette, (3 whole pages) 17.7.1847. The Examiner, 24. July 1847; The Spectator, 17.7.1847; The Eclectic Review, pp. 342-54; The United States Democratic Review, Volume 21, Issue 114, December 1847, pp. 525-37.
"I will become famous," returned I, and I then told her all that I had read about extraordinary men. "People have," said I, "at first an immense deal of adversity to go through, and then they will be famous."
It was a wholly unintelligible impulse that guided me. I wept, I prayed, and at last my mother consented, after having first sent for a so-called wise woman out of the hospital, that she might read my future fortune by the coffee-grounds and cards.

(Bibliografisk kilde: Bredsdorff 451)

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH eng: 1980/925, I-11,am: 1954/494, 1950/6, LG: 2007/78)

Udgivet 1847
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 15496
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A Christmas Greeting to my English Friends

A Christmas Greeting to my English Friends, Richard Bentley, London, december 1847. 100 s. Oversat af Charles Beckwith Lohmeyer.
Indeholdt eventyrene "The Old House" ("Det gamle Huus"), "The Drop of Water" ("Vanddraaben"), "The Happy Family" ("Den lykkelige Familie"), "The Story of a Mother" ("Historien om en Moder"), "The False Collar" ("Flipperne"), "The Shadow" ("Skyggen") og "The Old Street Lamp" ("Den gamle Gadeløgte").
Ek40, Ek43, Ek44, Ek45, Ek46, Ek47, Ek48
De fem førstnævnte af disse 7 eventyr var førsteudgivelser, kun "The Shadow" og "The Old Street Lamp" var tidligere udgivet på dansk. De fem førsteudgivelser udkom for første gang på dansk 4. marts 1848 i Nye Eventyr. Andet Bind. Anden Samling . - Anm.: The Athenaeum, 8.1.1848; The Literary Gazette and Journal of the Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c, 8 January 1848.

(Bibliografisk kilde: Bredsdorff p 442)

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1954/53, 1971/623, 1972/22)

Udgivet December 1847
Sprog: engelsk
Genre: Eventyrsamling
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser
Se værkregistret   Bibliografi-ID: 5683
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Hans Christian Andersen's Stories for the Household.

Tr. by H. W. Dulcken. With two hundred and twenty illustrations by A.W.Bayes, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. [Including The Story of My Life.] London, 1866. 788 s.
Hans Christian Andersen´s Stories for the Household. Translated by H.W.Dulcken, Ph.D. With Two Hundred and Twenty Illustrations by A.W.Bayes. Engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. London: George Routledge and Sons, Broadway, Ludgate Hill. 1866. Dalziel Brothers, Camden Press. Frontspiece 'The Ice Maiden'.
"The Pigs" = Afsnit XXIX i "I Sverrig" "What the Moon Saw" mangler én aften
Ek1, Ek2, Ek3, Ek4, Ek5, Ek6, Ek7, Ek8, Ek9, Ek10, Ek11, Ek12, Ek13, Ek14, Ek15, Ek16, Ek17, Ek18, Ek19, Ek20, Ek21, Ek22, Ek23, Ek24, Ek25, Ek26, Ek27, Ek28, Ek29, Ek30, Ek31, Ek32, Ek33, Ek34, Ek35, Ek36, Ek37, Ek38, Ek39, Ek40, Ek41, Ek42, Ek43, Ek44, Ek45, Ek46, Ek47, Ek48, Ek49, Ek50, Ek51, Ek52, Ek53, Ek54, Ek55, Ek56, Ek58, Ek59, Ek60, Ek61, Ek62, Ek63, Ek64, Ek65, Ek66, Ek67, Ek68, Ek69, Ek70, Ek71, Ek72, Ek73, Ek74, Ek76, Ek77, Ek78, Ek79, Ek80, Ek81, Ek83, Ek84, Ek85, Ek86, Ek87, Ek88, Ek89, Ek90, Ek91, Ek92, Ek93, Ek94, Ek95, Ek96, Ek98, Ek99, Ek100, Ek101, Ek102, Ek103, Ek104, Ek106, Ek107, Ek108, Ek109, Ek110, Ek111, Ek112, Ek113, Ek115, Ek134, Bub, Mle, The Pigs, I Sverrig
- Anm.: The Spectator, 22.12.1847.
The first of them is our old friend, and everybody's old friend, Hans Andersen, in a complete edition; about him there can be no difference of opinion; people who hold the most opposite views as to the proper book for a child will shake hands over him; and any boy who has not been introduced to the mixture of tenderness, humour, and fancy in which his morals are inoffensively conveyed, will be held excusable by us if he turns out as bad as possible, breaks his thoughtless mother's heart, and reduces his improvident father to financing. For children who have been taught to revel in his delightful tales, can hardly be dull or cruel, when they have learnt to hold pleasant converse with everything that runs, or creeps, or flies about them, nay, with everything that puts forth a leaf or a flower, they move in a busy world of their own, in which they occupy a very dignified position, and rise to the responsibility of administering justice in mercy through an extensive domain.

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(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1980/185)

Udgivet 1866
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 13919
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Andersen's Fairy Tales, vol. 1—15.

1. The Fir-Tree [indh.: The Fir Tree, The Brave Tin Soldier, Little Tiny, The Goblin and the Huckster, A Great Sorrow, The Silver Shilling, The Ugly Duckling,)
2. The Roses (indh.: The Roses and the Sparrows [ek41], Little Tuk, The Old Grave-Stone, The Bell-Deep, The Beetle, Elder-Tree Mother).
3. The Nightingale (indh.: The Nightingale, Ole Lukøie, The Old Bachelor's Nightcap, The Elf of the Rose, The Angel, The Pea Blossom).
4. Ib and Christina (indh.: Ib and Little Christina, The Bottle Neck, The Flax, The Last Dream of the Old Oak, The Girl Who trod on the Loaf, The Daisy).
5. The Old House (indh.: The Old House, The Happy Family, The Metal Pig, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Tinder-Box, The Red Shoes).
6. The Golden Treasure (indh.: The Golden Treasure, The Butterfly, The Dumb Book, The Gardener, She Was Good for Nothing, Little Ida's Flowers, The Conceited Apple-Branch [ek51], The Sun-Beam and the Captive [ek38]) .
7. The Storks (indh.: The Storks, The Philosopher's Stone, The Lovliest Rose in the World, The Snow Man, The Story of the Year, The Story of a Mother).
8. The Jewish Maiden (indh.: The Jewish Maiden, The Darning-Needle, The Little Match-Seller, The Travelling Companion, The Jumpers, The Swineherd, A Leaf from Heaven).
9. Anne Lisbeth (indh.: Anne Lisbeth, A Cheerful Temper, The Top and the Ball, The Wild Swans, Everything in its Right Place, The Money-Box).
10. The Shadow (indh.: The Shadow, The Racers, The Buckwheat, Soup from a Sausage Skewer, The Bell, or Nature's Music, The Farm-Yard Cock, and the Weather-Cock).
11. The Snow Queen (indh.: The Snow Queen, The Portuguese Duck, The Flying Trunk).
12. The Little Mermaid (indh.: The Little Mermaid, The Pen and the Inkstand, What the Mooon Saw, What the Old Man Does is Always Right, A Rose from Homer's Grave).
13. The Garden of Paradise (indh.: The Garden of Paradise, The Mail-Coach Passengers, The Mischievous Boy, Under the Willow-Tree, The Old Man and the Angel).
14. Little Claus and Big Claus (indh.: Little Claus and Big Claus, The Shepherdess and the Sweep, The Puppet-Show Man, The Shepherd's Story of the Bond of Friendship, The Old Street Lamp, The Old Church Bell).
15. The Mother's Love (indh.: The Mother's Love, The Shirt Collar, Children's Prattle, Beuty of Form and Beauty of Mind, The Story of the Wind, A Story, Something.] Each part is complete in itself and contains two Coloured Plates besides several fine woodcuts. Frederick Warne & Co. London, 1874.

(Bibliografisk kilde: Bredsdorff)

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 2011/88)

Udgivet 1874
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 13961
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Hans Christian Andersen / Historien om en Moder / i Femten Sprog / udgiven af / Jean Pio og Vilh. Thomsen / - / London Kjøbenhavn Leipzig / Vllliams & Norgate C. A. Reitzel F. A. Brockhaus Sortiment / 1875 / Trykt hos Bianco Luno.

Dansk Titelblad.

Hans Christian Andersen / The story of a mother / in fifteen languages / edited by / Jean Pio and Vilh. Thomsen / - / London Copenhagen Leipzig / Williams & Norgate C. A. Reitzel F. A. Brockhaus sortiment / 1875 / Printed by Bianco Luno.

Engelsk Titelblad - Tilegnelse: Til Digteren Hans Christian Andersen paa hans 70 Aars Fødselsdag den 2den April 1875. Indholdsfortegnelse. - Tekst: 98 Sider. - 4to. - Pris Kr. 3.00. (Udkom 2. 4. 1875).


I. Historien om en Moder (se Nr. 533). p. 1
II. Historien om en Moder paa Svensk p. 7
III. samme paa Islandsk p. 13
IV. Tysk p. 19
V. Plattysk p. 26
VI. Hollandsk p. 32
VII. Engelsk p. 38
VIII. Fransk p. 44
IX. Spansk p. 50
X. Nygræsk p. 58
XI. Russisk p. 65
XII. Polsk p. 72
XIII. Bøhmisk p. 78
XIV. Ungarsk p. 83
XV. Finsk p. 89
Bibliographical notes p. 95
Overskudet ved Salget af Bogen var bestemt som Gave til det efter Digteren opkaldte Børnehjem.

Anm.: Fædrelandet 12. 4. 1875, Nr. 83. - Jenaer Literaturzeitung, 2. Jahrgang, Nr. 24, 11. 6. 1875, 437-438 af E. Sievers - Nær og Fjern, Nr. 144, 4. 4. 1875. - Nr. 149, 9. 5. 1875: Berthold Auerbach om H. C. Andersen. - The Athenaeum, Nr. 2493, 7. 8. 1875, 181. Sp. 2.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH A-772)

Poems by the Late Anne S. Bushby.

London: Richard Bentley and Son, Chiswick Press, London, 1876. 399 p.

Pp. 3-246: Poems by Bushby. Pp. 328-399: Translations fromt he French, Danish, Spanish and German [including poems by Oehlenschlager, Boye, Heiberg, Ingemann, Baggesen, Guldberg.

Pp: 247-328: Translations from the Danish of Hans Christian Andersen.
The Bride of Rörvigh Church [bfn 112, Bruden i Rørvig Kirke ]
What I Love [bfn 110, Hvad jeg elsker.]
The Storm [bfn 126, Stormen]
The Blind Mother [bfn 232, Den blinde Moder ]
The Cottage near the Beach [bfn 120, Hytten ]
The Moment of Death [bfn 45, Dødsøieblikket ]
The Son of the Desert [bfn 136, Ørkenens Søn ]
The Mermaid at Samsö [bfn 92, Havfruen ved Samsø ]
"Veni Creator" [bfn 74, 'Veni Creator' ]
Holger Danske [bfn 59, Holger Danske ]
The Priestess in the Consecrated Grove [bfn155, I de hellige Guders Lund ]
The First and the Last [bfn 138, Det Første og det Sidste ]
Twilight [bfn 95, Aftendæmring, See, Aftnen er saa stille, og Himlen er saa blaa]
The Danes and their King [bfn67, De Danske og deres Konge ]
The Man from Paradise [bfn 81, Manden fra Paradiis ]
Love [bfn 130, Kjærlighed. See Solen blusser saa elskovsrød ]
The Snow-Queen [bfn 25, Snee-Dronningen]
My Aunt's old Screen [bfn 65, Mosters Skjærmbræt ]
The Werewolf [bfn 171, Vaerulven ]
The Soul [bfn 17, Sjælen ]
The Dying Child [bfn13, Det døende Barn ]
A Sketch on the West Coast of Jutland [bfn90, Malerie fra Jyllands Vest-Kyst ]
The Wild Rose [bfn 188, Rosen ]
Morten Langé [bfn 69, Morgen lange ]
Flitting Day in April [bfn 60, Flyttedagen i April ]
Melodies of the Heart [bfn 131 To Brune Øine, bfn 132 Min Tanke er et mægtigt Fjeld, bfn 137 Jeg elsker Dig - Dig som jeg ei tør sige, bfn 135 Henvisned er de Blomster Du mig gav, bfn 105 Man har et Sagn, et Eventyr ]
The Elf-King's Bride [bfn 163, Elbkongens Brud ]
New Year's Night [bfn 23, Nytaarsnat ]
The Soldier [bfn 52, Soldaten ]
Lines [bfn 872, Nu kommer Kongens Liig, Du Folkekjære ]
The Boy in the Churchyard [bfn 172, Barnet ved Kirken ]
Written in the Cathedral of Cordova [bibid 9635, Fra domkirken i Cordoba ]
The Lotus and the Pomegranate [bibid 9625, Som en Lotus paa den stille sø ]
Andalusian Eyes [bibid 9261, Hvo skal jeg tro? ]
On Granada [bibid 9628, Held mig, Granada jeg ser ]
Written at Burgos [bibid 9614, Det fyger så voldsomt derude ]
Spain [ bfn 866, Spanien, hvilken Rigdom har Du]
In Africa [bfn 853, I Africa, Jeg er ovre i Marocco ]
Consolation [bfn 871, Fortrøstning ]

Plus: P. 386: Approach this Coffin, [bfn 441, Træd hen til Kisten her]

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet 1876
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 17035
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Dickens and Daughter.

Gladys Storey: Dedicated to Mrs. Kate Perugini, and her Mother Mrs. Charles Dickens. pp. 21-23: About interesting visitors, e.g. Hans Christian Andersen ..."charmed the family by the art and dexterity with which, in his simple, kindly way, he cut out of paper all kinds of beautiful little figures and designs ...". Frederick Muller Ltd., London, 1939.

(Bibliografisk kilde: Bredsdorff)

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet 1939
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 15699
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Historien om en Moder.

Historien om en Moder. Facsimile og Tekst. H. C. Andersens Hus, Odense. 35 pp. (Manuskripter i H. C. Andersens Hus, Odense, I.)
P. 25: engelsk titelblad: "The Story of a Mother", efterfulgt af en oversættelse af historien.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1948/67)

Udgivet 1948
Sprog: dansk, engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1875-1968:1260   Bibliografi-ID: 2841
[Informationer opdateret d. 12.12.2013]

The Elder-Tree Mother

Andersen, H.C.: "The Elder-Tree Mother", translated by Jean Hersholt, in The Complete Andersen , I-VI. New York 1949. Cf. AaJ 1286
Udgivet 1949
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser
Se værkregistret   Bibliografi-ID: 10658
[Informationer opdateret d. 22.8.2013]

The Story of a Mother

Andersen, H.C.: "The Story of a Mother", translated by Jean Hersholt, in The Complete Andersen , I-VI. New York 1949. Cf. AaJ 1286
Udgivet 1949
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser
Se værkregistret   Bibliografi-ID: 10677
[Informationer opdateret d. 22.8.2013]

Last of the great fairytalers.

Rumer Godden: Because they form the diction and metaphor of the grown man, the stories which are read and enjoyed by children are self-perpetuating. Not only Mother Goose and Santa Claus, but all the characters which people pofounder work that's still accessible to children [...] Perrault, La Fontaine, Lewis Carroll, and Hans Christian Andersen - all these are as immortal as any literary persons can be. pp. 6-8 and 32, The Saturday Review, December 25, 1954.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet 25. december 1954
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 18777
[Informationer opdateret d. 26.6.2013]

The Hans Andersen Fairy Tale.

Paul Kildare: A cobbler's son, born into squalid poverty, his mother became an alcoholic and his father died insane. yet with his 156 fairy tales he gave more pleasure to more people, espcially children than any other writher who ever lived. Lonely, egocentric and plaged by phobias, he died 1000 years ago. The Word, Irland, aug. 1975.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet August 1975
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 20489
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The Mother's Song (for Douglas)

Loretta Collins: The Story of a Mother inspired to a poem. The Antioch Review, Vol. 45, The Romance of Toughness (Autumn, 1987), pp. 448-50.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet Oktober 1987
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 19382
[Informationer opdateret d. 28.1.2014]

Mother, Daughter, Self. Joan Vinge's 'The Snow Queen'

Sullivan, C. W., iii, Mother, Daughter, Self. Joan Vinge's 'The Snow Queen'. I: Mickey Pearlman (red.), Mother Puzzles. Daughters and Mothers in Contemporary American Literature . Greenwood Press, Westport, Conn., 1989. Pp. 101-08. (Contributions in Women's Studies, 110.) (*)
Udgivet 1989
Sprog: dansk
Genre: Afhandlinger, artikler, breve etc.
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1969-1994:1273   Bibliografi-ID: 5251
[Informationer opdateret d. 5.10.2010]

Brothers, Very Far Away and Other Poems

Brothers, Very Far Away and Other Poems . Translated by Paula Hostrup-Jessen. Edited and with an Afterword by Sven H. Rossel. Mermaid Press, Seattle 1991. vi, 44 pp. - Efterskrift pp. 37-44.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH 1993/235)

Udgivet 1991
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1969-1994:1355
ISBN: 1-880755-03-3   Bibliografi-ID: 5333
[Informationer opdateret d. 2.1.2012]

Signatures. Spelling the Father's and Erasing the Mother's in C. J. L. Almqvist's 'Ramido Marinesco' and H. C. Andersen's 'O.T.'

Sanders, Karin, Signatures. Spelling the Father's and Erasing the Mother's in C. J. L. Almqvist's 'Ramido Marinesco' and H. C. Andersen's 'O.T.'. Scandinavian Studies , 65, 1993, pp. 153-79, spec. pp. 172-77.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet 1993
Sprog: engelsk
Genre: Afhandlinger, artikler, breve etc.
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1969-1994:1555   Bibliografi-ID: 5533
[Informationer opdateret d. 6.9.2013]

From Copenhagen and Paris: A Stravinsky Photograph-Autograph at the University of Britsh Columbia

H. Colin Slim: About "The Nightingale" (1914) and "The Fairy's Kiss (1928)
Stravinsky was a longtime enthusiast of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, whose story The Nightingale was the inspiration for the composer's opera Le rossignol (1908-1914). In 1928, when actress-impresario Ida Rubinstein commissioned a ballet from Stravinsky, he combined his appreciation for Andersen's work with a long-harbored notion of using melodies from the music of his compatriot Tchaikovsky as the basis for a new composition. The result was Le baiser de la fée (1928) or, in its full translated title, "The Fairy's Kiss, Allegorical Ballet in Four Tableaux, Inspired by the Muse of Tchaikovsky." The ballet is based on Andersen's tale "The Ice Maiden." Stravinsky provides a compact synopsis of the story in his autobiography: "A fairy imprints her magic kiss on a child at birth and parts it from its mother. Twenty years later, when the youth has attained the very zenith of his good fortune, she repeats the fatal kiss and carries him off to live in supreme happiness with her ever afterward." The sonic language of this ballet might be described as a combination of Tchaikovsky's opulent melodies spiked with a bit of 1920s dissonance, a characteristically colorful orchestral palette, and a hint of the emotional coolness typical of Stravinsky's neo-Classical style. Stravinsky does employ some Tchaikovskian sounds and instrumental combinations, but the textures are consistently leaner than those in Tchaikovsky's own ballets. In 1934, Stravinsky condensed the nearly hour-long ballet into a Divertimento of some 25 minutes. Around the same time, he transcribed the Divertimento for violin and piano for his own use during concert tours with violinist Samuel Dushkin.
Notes, Second Series, Vol. 59, No. 3 (Mar., 2003) pp. 542-55.

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet Marts 2003
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 19424
[Informationer opdateret d. 30.1.2014]

The Funish Painters and Hans Christian An­der­sen. The Ugly Duckling and The Story of a Mother

Porsmose, Erland & Susanne Thestrup Truelsen, The Funish Painters and Hans Christian An­der­sen. The Ugly Duckling and The Story of a Mother . Illustrated by Fritz Syberg and Johannes Lar­sen. Johannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde / Faaborg Museum for Funish Art, Faaborg 2005. 127 pp. (Også på dansk: 11739

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet 2005
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-litteraturen 1999-2006
ISBN: 8788686213, 9788788686210   Bibliografi-ID: 11740
[Informationer opdateret d. 27.1.2012]

The Garden of Eden.

Fairytales about Faith and Hope. Illustrated by Britta Routhier. Translated by W. Glyn Jones.
Contents: Introduction by W. Glyn Jones, The Garden of Eden, The Evil Prince, The Angel, The Bell, The Story of a Mother, Judgement Day, A Leaf from Heaven, The Marsh King's Daughter, Something, The Girl who Trod on the Loaf, The Child in the Grave, Pen and Inkwell, The Most Incredible Thing, The Cripple.
Bostrup Publishers, Copenhagen, 2011. 127 p.
Udgivet 2011
Sprog: engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser
ISBN: 87-92000-51-7   Bibliografi-ID: 16477
[Informationer opdateret d. 26.1.2012]

30 poems of Hans Christian Andersen.

Translated from the Danish by Mike McArthur. Booklet, 28 p. Arvika. 2015
Barn Jesus i en Krybbe laae - Baby Jesus in a manger lay
Vort jordliv er kun regn og rusk - Our earthly life's but squall and rain
I Danmark er jeg født - In Denmark I was born
Det døende barn - The Dying Child
Jeg saae den spæde, grønne Rosenknop - I saw the tender rosebud, gren and small
Digterens sidste Sang - The Poet's last song
Et evigt Liv tør jeg ikke kræve - Eternal life I daren't ask for - never.
Hjertets melodier - Melodies of the Heart
Hytten - The cottage
Soldaten - The soldier
Langelandsk Folkemelodi - Langeland folk song
Graat Veir - Grey weather
Mit Barndomshjem - My Childhood Home
Moderen med Barnet - Mother and Child
Hun er saa hvid - She is so White
Poesien - Poetry
Med Eau de Cologne - Eau de Cologne
Rosenknoppwn - The rosebud
Paa ballet - At the ballet
Taaren - The tear
Min lille Fugl - My Little bird
Vandring i Skoven - Walking in the Woods
Jeg elsker dig - I love you

(Bibliografisk kilde: HCAH)

Udgivet 2015
Sprog: dansk, engelsk
Kilde: H.C. Andersen-Centrets bibliografiske optegnelser   Bibliografi-ID: 19884
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