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Hans Christian Andersen's Stories for the Household.

Tr. by H. W. Dulcken. With two hundred and twenty illustrations by A.W.Bayes, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. [Including The Story of My Life.] London, 1866. 788 s.
Hans Christian Andersens Stories for the Household. Translated by H.W.Dulcken, Ph.D. With Two Hundred and Twenty Illustrations by A.W.Bayes. Engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. London: George Routledge and Sons, Broadway, Ludgate Hill. 1866. Dalziel Brothers, Camden Press. Frontspiece 'The Ice Maiden'.
"The Pigs" = Afsnit XXIX i "I Sverrig" "What the Moon Saw" mangler n aften
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- Anm.: The Spectator, 22.12.1847.
The first of them is our old friend, and everybody's old friend, Hans Andersen, in a complete edition; about him there can be no difference of opinion; people who hold the most opposite views as to the proper book for a child will shake hands over him; and any boy who has not been introduced to the mixture of tenderness, humour, and fancy in which his morals are inoffensively conveyed, will be held excusable by us if he turns out as bad as possible, breaks his thoughtless mother's heart, and reduces his improvident father to financing. For children who have been taught to revel in his delightful tales, can hardly be dull or cruel, when they have learnt to hold pleasant converse with everything that runs, or creeps, or flies about them, nay, with everything that puts forth a leaf or a flower, they move in a busy world of their own, in which they occupy a very dignified position, and rise to the responsibility of administering justice in mercy through an extensive domain.

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Udgivet 1866
Sprog: engelsk
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