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The True Story of My Life. A Sketch by Hans Christian Andersen.

Translated by Mary Howitt. Brown Green & Longmans, London, 1847. James Munro & Co. Boston, 1847. 298 p. - Anm.: The Literary Gazette, (3 whole pages) 17.7.1847. The Examiner, 24. July 1847; The Spectator, 17.7.1847; The Eclectic Review, pp. 342-54; The United States Democratic Review, Volume 21, Issue 114, December 1847, pp. 525-37.
"I will become famous," returned I, and I then told her all that I had read about extraordinary men. "People have," said I, "at first an immense deal of adversity to go through, and then they will be famous."
It was a wholly unintelligible impulse that guided me. I wept, I prayed, and at last my mother consented, after having first sent for a so-called wise woman out of the hospital, that she might read my future fortune by the coffee-grounds and cards.

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Udgivet 1847
Sprog: engelsk
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