Australian School Children Have Decorated their School with Andersen-Mosaics

The North Adelaide Primary School in Australia has made a permanent and unusual contribution to the celebration of Hans Christian Andersen's bicentenary. The school runs a very active art programme and during 2005, they attached two artists, Lyn Elzinga Henry and Suzi Windram, as "artists in residence".

Initiated by the school's art teacher, Ms. Evelynne Richardson, the two artists have cooperated with all the pupils (age 5 - 12) in creating a number of very beautiful mosaics with motifs from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. The mosaics are fixed on the wall around the school's inner courtyard and will thus be a permanent decoration there.

The North Adelaide Primary School is a small inner city school with appr. 260 pupils.
The school's history reaches more than 125 years back, since it was founded 1877.

The impressive mosaics give a gratifying evidence to the fact, that the Andersen-celebration did not necessarily have to be initiated and paid from Denmark, but that there is a vivid interest in Andersen so very far from Denmark, an interest, which, as is the case here in North Adelaide, can be expressed spontaneously and with adequate beauty in works of art for permanent pleasure in the local community.