Victor Borge (1909 - 2000, see the concert picture), famous Danish-American entertainer and pianist, has exclusively for this web site recorded Andersen's beloved song "Denmark, my native land" - valid for Victor Borge himself, too. Music by Henrik Rung (1807-71), played by Victor Borge in his own arrangement, recorded at his home in Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.A., 1998

H.C. Andersen og Victor Borge

Victor Borge and H.C. Andersen side by side at Luckow-Nielsen's statue at Rådhuspladsen. Copenhagen April 1965


Dear Hans Christian Andersen ...

You were there, in my childhood back in Denmark. And you were here, when I arrived in New York in 1940. And wherever you are now, I fancy you are up there in some heavenly Elysium, with Mozart and your friend Mendels sohn playing Bach and you maybe telling your stories in the unique, sublime literery fashion in which you wrote them. Wherever you are, know that we refer to you with reverence and pride, as your pen has engraved your name in the stars forever.

Victor Borge
Another Dane

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