Papers from the international Hans Christian Andersen conferences

The Hans Christian Andersen Center hosted the fourth international HCA conference at The University of Southern Denmark 1-5 August 2005. Theme: Hans Christian Andersen between children's literature and adult literature. Further information here.

The papers from the international Hans Christian Andersen conferences are of great value for Hans Christian Andersen scholars and are often requested at the Hans Christian Andersen Center. We have published the papers from the first two conferences, Andersen and the World and A Poet in Time, and provided a search engine.

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Motifs in Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales and stories

A comprehensive and searchable concordance of religious motifs in Andersen's tales. 122 motifs and their occurrences in 692 quotations from 166 tales.

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Contemporary reviews - reviews of Hans Christian Andersen in his own time

Reviews contains reviews from Hans Christian Andersen's own time, i.e. many of the reviews he read himself. The content corresponds approximately to 200 pages in print and unfolds part of the story of the reception of the poet in his home country.

In order to create an overview of the reception, Lars Bo Jensen has written an article on the Danish cultural elite's literary criticism of Andersen: Criticism of Hans Christian Andersen.

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In the Danish part of this website, a comprehensive bibliography consisting of five bibliographies has been published. The content is for the larger part based on books. Even though the bibliographies are written in Danish they describe Andersen literature in several languages and may therefore be a useful resource also for people unfamiliar with Danish.

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In the bibliographies you may find information about all of Andersen's publications – fairy tales, novels, plays, poems et cetera (see also the index the works) – and the literature about Hans Christian Andersen and his work. The bibliographies altogether cover the timespan from 1822 (Andersen's debut) till today and include literature in several languages.

Other relevant resources for scholarship:

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