Number of tales

- Hans Christian Andersen himself published 156 tales and stories. Later a further 18 texts were added from various sources. In addition the 33 'Evenings' from Billedbog uden Billeder / Picture-Book without Pictures  (1839 and later enlarged editions) and the first Evening from the original manuscript should be included, as these little sketches do not differ in any essential way from other prose sketches which Andersen published under the very non-specific and general designation of 'fairytales' or 'stories'. This also applies to 4 additional stories, that are part of other works: "Dykker-Klokken. Et Eventyr paa Havets Bund" ('The Diving Bell. An adventure at the Bottom of the Sea'), which was released in Johan Ludvig Heibergs Kjøbenhavns flyvende Post 7 December 1827 and later adapted as chapter 12 of the debut Fodreise (A Journey on Foot, da. 1829), the chapter "Alferne paa Heden" ('The Elfs on the Moor', chapter 3 of the travel book Skyggebilleder, (Rambles, da. 1831)), "Et Børneeventyr" ('A tale for the children') in chapter 4 of Rambles and "Svinene" ('The Pigs', chapter 29 of the travel book I Sverrig, (Pictures of Sweden, 1851).

All these texts add up to 212.

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