Eric Jones

Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Note: Whether in a formal or infornal educational environment, every person acquires basic social skills to assert him or herself in the world. These tools are essential to promote personal development and growth in the political, educational and socio-economic world. Without adoppting the stance of a parent, teacher or pedagogue H.C.Andersen, in addition to his wonderful ability to make his readers believe in the make-believe, instills an awareness of the natural use of social skills which forms an integral part of human existence, irrespective of their educational or world citizen status. This phenomena is evident in a number of Andersen's Tales i.e. "The Swineherd"; "The Tinder-Box"; "It's Absolutely True"; "Simple Simon" to name but a few. Throughout his productive genre of Tales for young and old. H.C, Andersen displays the observation and application of the Principles of Common courtesy in interpersonal communication between various characters under various circumstances and in believable human situations. This presentation hopes to highlight the above-mentioned features of H.C. Andersen's rich and inspiring genre of educative Tales.

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