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A Poet in Time

The conference book A Poet in Time (1999) is published online here. The book contains papers from the second international Hans Christian Andersen conference. See more details about the book on the title page.

The second Hans Christian Andersen conference was held in 1996. The conference was, like the first conference that took place in 1991, arranged by the Hans Christian Andersen Center (Institute of Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, University of Southern Denmark) and was held in Odense at the University of Southern Denmark, this time with even more participants from a larger number of countries than at the first conference.

The conference has, as the former and the following, contributed to dragging Hans Christian Andersen out of the children's room and into an international network of Hans Christian Andersen scholars.

A Poet in Time contains 45 papers written by 45 scholars. The papers are divided into 6 categories (see the table of contents).

At this website the second conference book is issued side by side with the first, Andersen and the World (1993). The papers, all in all 93, are found in one list, the information about the scholars displays the papers written for each book (example: Johan de Mylius), and the search engine searches in both books.