Dato: Januar 1858
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: William Wilkie Collins
Sprog: dansk, engelsk.

[Beckwith Lohmeyers håndskrift/oversættelse]

My dear Collins!

One of our ablest young critics, Mr. Grimur Thomsen employed in the Department of foreign affairs here at Copenhagen is the bearer of these lines, and of my most hearty greeting, which I beg You will convey to Your mother, if she still remembers me. I haad wished to give in Danish the "frozen Deep" and you were kind enough to promise to forward it to me, I should like to bring it on the stage; let me therefore, as I suppose it is now published, have it as soon as possible or with my friend Grimur Thomsen, or through Bentley.

Cordially Yours

H. C. A.

Tekst fra: Solveig Brunholm (micrrofilm 13, 470)