Dato: 5. oktober 1850
Fra: William Hurton   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Glasgow,Oct. 5th, 1850.

My Dear Sir,

With feelings of tbe most sincere pleasure and honest pride, I received your note, sanctioning my proposal to inscribe my poor "Pictures of Scandinavia" to yourself.

I am now engaged in writing a memoir of your life and criticism on your works, which will very soon be published in "Hogg's Edinburgh lnstructor" - a publication of very large circulation and of the highest respectability. The portrait you presented me with, will be copied, together witb tbe extremely well-selected line you wrote at the foot, and your autograph, and be engraved on steel, to accompany my article. Copies shall duly reach you.

I write in such baste that I cannot say more at present. Mr. Beckwith will tell you about my views and engagements.

Fervently do I re-iterate your hope that we shall "meet again in this world", and think it may be within a few months - God willing.

Most faitbfully Yours

Wm. Hurton.

To Hans Christian Andersen,

Ridder af mange Ordener,

etc. etc.

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