Dato: 16. juli 1850
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: Charles Dickens
Sprog: engelsk.

Glorup in Flinen, 16 Juli 1850.

My dear and beloved Dickens!

You are so vividly in my thoughts that I often think I live in the same house with you, and therfore put off writing. This is a strange explanation, but such is the case. I was far up in Sweden last autumn when I recieved your letter, which I keep with every dear line from you, amongst my best remembrances. I have been in Dalecarlia, where no sound af roaring cannon was heard in that happy, politically sound Sweden.

The Dale-river ar as it is called Dal-Elv is more glorious than the Rhine, it is a transparent sea that glides through endless woody deserts. The roseate hues of eve at Midsummer blend together with those of morn, and here the wild swans dwell in the winter.

I have however been diligent since I returned to Copenhagen, as I have written two romantic-comedies for our popular theatre, the one entitIed: "More than pearls and gold," which is naturally a dear beloved wife. The other "Ole Lukøie", where the idea is that not money, but health and good humour are the best gifts in life. These two pieces have gained immense applause and filled that very large theatre; the one was performed twenty-three times. I am now writing my pictorial sketches from Sweden, which I will transmit to you in English. Many thanks for your matchless David Copperfield. Y our heart is in your pen! In another world I think that I shall he better able than in this, to express to you my admiration and affection.

In Mai I left Copenhagen and lived for some time in quiet woodland solitude with the old Danish poet Ingemann, I then visited the most picturesque part of Jutland, and am now for the fifth week on a visit to the old Count Moltke at Glorup.

My best regards to Mrs. Dickens and children! I long incredibly to see and speak with you! Now farewell and may God bless you all - for with my whole heart I remain

your friend and admirer

Hans Christian Andersen.

Charles Dickens Esq.

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