Dato: 11. juli 1850
Fra: Andrew Hamilton   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Skränten. Thursday, July 11th 1850.

Dear Sir,

I cannot delay writing to thank you for the letter of introduction you have been so kind as, send me through Miss Wulff. I intend to sail to-morrow to Gothenburgh, and from thence, in the course of a few days, to go to Trollhaettan. I feel deeply obliged to you for Your kindness and promptitude. I look forward with the expectation of great pleasure to delivering my letter to Baron Beskow, a man I have long admired very much; and in case she be returned home I shall be charmed to see Miss Bremer, for she is well known in England, and I should be sorry to leave Scandinavia without having seen her. Indeed I feel it a great honor to be the bearer of a letter from H. C. Andersen to Frederika Bremer, the two names, which of all Scandinavian writers are the best known and most loved in my native country. It is an honor after which many people in England sigh in vain; and for which they would esteem me, very much to be envied. I was very happy last winter to have the opportunity now and then of calling on you; and often I would have wished to have seen a great deal more of your private life than I did; I regretted that your many engagements hindered you from having time for conversation. I always consider it a matter to be put much value on to have living intercourse with men of genius; but unfortunately they are always so much engaged that their time is too precious.

During the last eight days I have had much intercourse with Miss Wulff, for I am living only half a mile from her. We have walked a good deal in the woods together, and certainly that mighty old forest is most beautiful. And the wind sounds through the branches with just the same tone as it had in the days of my childhood. Amid new and strange things it is very pleasant to meet with one's very oldest friends, the wind, the clouds, the sound of the sea, and such things. In foreign countries one can send a greeting home with them.

I hope to have the pleasure of travelling with Miss Wulff from Gothenburgh to Trollhaettan. I think she has made up her mind to sail from Copenhagen next Wednesday, in which case I will remain at Gothenburgh till she arrives. We are hoping for fine weather; in the meantime it is anything but favourable.

And now once more accept many thanks for the letters you have sent me,

And believe me, Yours with much esteem,

And. Hamilton

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