Dato: 22. maj 1850
Fra: William Hurton   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Christiania. May 22nd, 1850.

My Dear Sir,

I most warmly express my grateful thanks for your very prompt and most kind introduetions, all of whieh l hope to eventually avail myself of. Mr Beckwith will explain to you the circumstances which have compelled me to reluctantly defer roy my visit to Stockholm, - for which I depart, to-morrow, 23rd, via Bergen.

On leaving Scotland for Denmark, one of my chief desires was, to make the personal acquaintance of yourself, - for your name is as familiar and endeared to Englishmen as it is even to Danes, - and, thanks to our mutual friend, my wish was gratified. Most heartily do l trust that l may be able to increase that acquaintance as I pass through Copenhagen on my return. So far as my humble powers may hereafter serve, rest assured that no one will take greater pride than myself in endeavouring to still further extend your popularity, (already unparalleled for a foreign writer) among my countrymen. What my own honestly-formed opinion of your genius is, Mr. Beckwith can tell you.

With most cordial wishes for your health, happiness, and prosperity, believe me to remain,

yours most faithfully,

Wm. Hurton.

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