Dato: 25. juli 1849
Fra: Charles Boner   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

St. Emeran, Ratisbon.

My dear Andersen,

It is a very long time since I heard anything directly or indirectly of you. Have you received a little packet containing two books, which I sent you in December last? The one was a new (English) volume of your Tales, and the other a little book of my own. I should like to know if they reached you in case you could find a moment's time to inform me.

I have read "Die zwei Baronessen" with infinite pleasure. The beginning pleased me particularly. It is tull of interesting incidents; and the old grandmother is a genuine original character.

I do not quite well understand why you introduced the story about the robber and the old Lady's daughter on the road from Rome to Naples. What was your aim in connecting this circumstance with the young man's birth?

I send this by some one going to Copenhagen, and am therefore sure of its reaching you. Whether you will answer, however, is another question.

Yours very faithfully, July 25th 1849.

Charles Boner

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