Dato: 31. december 1848
Fra: Charles Boner   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

[December 31, 1848.]

I hasten to reply to your letter, my dear Anderen. - It will be a pleasant occupation for this last evening of the year. - Yours reached me a day or two ago, and lassure you it gave me much pleasure to hear from you once more. - I tell you frankly I was vexed, perhaps angry, at your replying to none of my last letters, and they must have reached you, for I had an Empfang Schein for them. Moreover you put me to great inconvenience by withholding the fairy-tale which you promised me in London, and which I expected till the last moment. It was a loss to me also, for my book not containing the tale which I told the publisher it was to have, I was obliged to sacrifice a part of the sum which we had agre ed on for the book. - I afterwards ceased writing, for as you took no notice of the letters, it seerned useless, and I did not send the translation for the same reason. However, all that is over now: with the translation of your, own tales, you will find a little trifle of my own. Of the stories "The Malcontents" may perhaps please you; and some part of the ballad of "The Hunt" may find favour in your eyes. In the latter there are unfortunately many faults, and some verses were omitted, having been lost by the printer in London. It was very annoying. - The Preface to your tales contains, l trust, nothing which is disagreeable to you. - Now I beg you to criticize my book quite freely: the more you do so, the better shall I be pleased. You have, I see, published some new "Märchen"; Lorck has not sent them yet, but they will come, no doubt, with "The two Baronesses", which I shall be glad to see. Tell me in, your next when you intend to write an account of your journey to England; I hope you have not given it up. Be so good as let me hear from you atter seeing this, that l may know the books have reached you.

Accept my kindest and best wishes for a happy new year, and Believe me, my dear Andersen, Very sincerely Yours,

Charles Boner.

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