Dato: 28. november 1848
Fra: Charles Boner   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

St. Emeran, Ratisbon. Novr. 28th 1848.

My dear Andersen,

Though I had most certainly determined not to trouble you again with any letter of mine - for as you never answer one when I write to you, even though I beg you do so, it would seem as if you wished our correspondence to be at an end. - I have been induced to do so from two circumstances. - This evening I have been looking over your old letters, and in them are so many expressions of good will towards myself, that I can hardly think those words are wholly meaningless, and am disposed therefore to attribute your inattention to each and all of my requests rather to forgetfulness than to any feeling of unkindness. - Another reason for taking up my pen was also to congratulate you on the success of your new novel. I have seen it spoken very highly af in the Athenæum,H and do not doubt it fully deserves all the praise there bestowed upon it. I shall be curious to read it. You did not, however, write it in English, of course, tho' your reviewer in the Athenæum says you did. When will you have your accont of your tour in England ready for the press? I should think it would be eagerly read in your own country, and in England it is quite sure to be so. - The title you originally intended to give your novel and which, if you remember, I was so much against, has, I see, given way to another, not only more attractive than the former one, but, what is of more consequence, quite unobjectionable. It will give me great pleasure to know you are well. - In order to be quite sure that this letter reaches you, I shall have an "Empfang Schein" given me at the post.

yours very sincerely,

Charles Boner.

The little volume of the Marchen published soon af ter I left England, you have, I suppose, seen long ago. The preface is long and was liked.

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