Dato: 19. oktober 1847
Fra: Charles Boner   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

St. Emeran, Ratisbon.

My dear Andersen,

I have been expecting daily to get an answer from you to my last letter. I only wish to know il l am to have the Mjirchen or not, because the uncertainty is not only disagreeable, but causes me inconvenience. In the preface to my new translation I have mentioned you; I shaH therefore send it to you before it is published, in order that you may see it first, and to ask if there is anything therein you would wish changed. I am also translating "Das Märchen meines Lebens" up to the words "Das Leben lag sonnenbestrahlt vor mir," to accompany these new tales; in order that children also, who all love you so well, may know something about their friend and benefactor. For of course the "Life", not being a child's book, never falls into their hands. I think it will please them, and will, I hope, piease you too.

Now, my dear Andersen, let me have only a word in answer to this and to my last; and Believe me, as always,

Yours sincerely and affectionately,

October 19, 1847.

Charles Boner.

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