Dato: 28. august 1847
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: Richard Bentley
Sprog: engelsk.

Sabloniere Hotel

Saturday - the 28 Augst 1847

Dear Sir & friend!

I felt so unwell the last few days in Scotland as to be obliged to give up the idea of visitng Loch loggan + Abbotsford. I arrived in London towards evening + now after having rested 2 days think of returning to Germany.

I am only anxious for quiet, but I must see you & your familie first!

I leave London on Sunday that is to morrow, I will comme! By the train starting at 9½ o' clock for Tunbridge, where I hope, according to your kind promise - to find your carriage, will you dhen kindly house me till the next morning + return me to the place whence you fetched me?

I have taken my portrat to your residence in Burlington street + you shall shortly have my bust.

Mr. Hambro will speak to you expecting my new romance on your return to London. I can only say that I place a friends whole confidence in you; you sill guard my Interests as your own!

In the spring you shall receive the English manuscript of the romance. - It will be as large as the Improvisator.

A thousand compliments to all in your family circle

Yours sincerely devoted

H. C. Andersen

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