Dato: 24. august 1847
Fra: Mary Howitt   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Clapton. Augst. 24 [1847].

Dear Mr. Andersen,

Will you be kind enough to let me know when you return to Town, as I wish much to see you. I want there to be a thoroughly good understanding between you and me with regard to the translation of your works. You expressed yourself so greatly satisfied with my feelings and conduct towards you, that I will gladly forget any vexation I felt, and will do the very best I can for you in every way. I am convinced that it is much better for you that I should be your translator, as I have been hitherto, and if you are satisfied with my ability to do justice to your works, and are contented, as I believe you to be, with such share of the profits as I can offer you, why, then, need there be any difficulty about the matter?

Mr. Bentley says in a letter I have this moment received from him, on other business, "On Mr. Andersen's return it would be well for you to have a thorough understanding with him, because by his letter to me it would appear that he entertains the idea of offering me a translation of his new books. By this you will see that Mr. Bentley wishes me to do it. He knows very well that my name to the translation will be an advantage.

Excuse this letter of business, but as I have always said, we two, who only mean honestly and honourably by each other, ought not to misunderstand each other.

With kindest regards from my husband, I am, dear Sir, Yours very truly,

M. Howitt

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