Dato: 23. august 1847
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: John Richardson
Sprog: engelsk.

Dumbardon 20 Aug. 1847

[c: Dumbarton 23 Aug]

I have had a royal command to come to Loch Laggan and this journey demands several days when I am bound at the saime time to be in Lipsic in the month af September, I am however reluctantly obliged to give up the visit to you and Abbortsford.

But you would make me verry happy and give me the most plesant remembrance of my visit to Scotland, were you to give me [c: if you would give me] the Autograph of Walter Scott which you kindly promesed me were I to went [c: if I should go to] Scotland. If you still intend this kindness for me, and give your letter note to London - H. C. Andersen, Adresse: the danish Ambassador Reventlow

2. Wilton Terrace, Belgrave Square Landon

your faithfull

H. C. Andersen.

Tekst fra: Solveig Brunholm