Dato: 18. august 1847
Fra: David Macbeth Moir   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Musselburgh, 18 Aug. 1847

My Dear Sir,

Living in the country it so happens that I have no book of my own beside me of which I might beg your acceptance, except the accompanying little brochure, printed some years ago for private circulation among my friends.

It gave me great delight yesterday to see you, and to shake by the hand, one who in these prosaic times has an eye alive to the beauties of nature, and a pen to describe them.

May all that is good ever accompany you, and may you be long spared to enrich literatre by the outpourings of your rich and original genius.

With every feeling of affection, Believe me, my dear Sir.

Very sincerely yours

D. M. Moir.

Hans C. Andersen Esq.

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