Dato: 16. august 1847
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: William Jerdan
Sprog: engelsk.

Lixmount, Trinity, near Edinburgh.

16 August, 1847.

Dear Friend,

I am in Scotland, in the town of Walter Scott, in the mountains of Burns; it is beautiful sunshine, and I am in a hospitable Danish home; it cannot be better. Next Thursday I intend going to the Higland, and, if health and strength permit, to Loch Lagan, where Prince Albert will see me; but first of all, my dear friend, I must send you my kind regards and sincere thanks for all your friendly attentions. In ten or twelve days I shall return to London, where I only remain two days; time will not permit a longer stay, as I must be in Lipsic on the first of September. Do you think I could have the pleasure of meeting Bulwer and Dickens - my dear Dickens - in these two days? I shall previously inform you of the day of my arrival. Pray present my kind regards to your home, and remember me to Lady Blessington.

Yours truly,

H. C. Andersen.

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