Dato: 14. august 1847
Fra: John Wilson   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Dear Brother Andersen,

You must and shall not leave Edinburgh without having been my guest. I am to have the pleasure of meeting you at the dwelling of E. Rigby, the Bright and Go6d, on Tuesday Evening. Then you will tell me when I may again take you by the hand (never may it lose its cunning) beneath my own roof. Thank kindly for me your host for his kind invitation oh Monday, which unfortunately I cannot accept, as I am not to be in this country on that day. I have again read, since I saw you, your Improvisatore and Only a Fiddler. I too am a worshipper of the Beautiful - though seem but glimpses like stars through the parting clouds.

May you be happy.

John Wilson

August 14th 1847

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