Dato: 13. august 1847
Fra: Elizabeth Eastlake, f. Rigby   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Dear Mr. Andersen,

I hope that we find you disengaged for Tuesday. I find some difficulty within empty Edinburgh time to make up an agreeable party for you to dinner. Therefore will you kindly come to us for an early Evening - when Professor Wilson and a few more friends have promised to join us. Also my eldest sister will not be home till late in the day. Will you come to us at the very rational hour of half past seven. I suppose your time is fully occupied in seeing sights, but if you would like to step in here at any hour for test or refreshment we should be most happy to see you.

Yours truly,

Eliz: Rigby.

Friday afternoon.

9 St. Bernard's Crescent. Augst 13.

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