Dato: 24. juli 1847
Fra: William Jerdan   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

21 Beaufoy Terrace, Edgeware Road. July 24 1847.

My dear friend,

My residence is a hundred yards removed from Kilburn, which I only left in June, and had I known you were so near me, I might have been tempted to disturb your repose. As it is, I may hope that you will make half-way of my humble cottage on any future occasion when you pass it, on going to or coming from Bransbury House - once occupied by a friend of mine, I believe, Sir Coutts Trotter.

I am much gratified that my notice of your autobiography gratified you. It was truth, from my heart, and, I have reason to think, was not lost upon readers whose good opinions are worth prizing. As somewhat, in proof I enc1ose for your port-folio a card I received too late for you to see the Queen prorogue Parliament. I wd. have sent it to you, but only got it half an hour before the Ceremony was proceeding. It is, however, a mark of attention from a nobleman I very highly esteem, Lord Willoughby de Eresby, the Lord High Chamberlain of England, and who I am sure wd. be glad to see you at his princely mansion in Scotland, if he is there at the time of your visit, and you go as far north as Drummond Castle.

Mr. Macready has written to me twice about your address and stay in England, that he may, if possible, enjoy your company on one or two days. He and Dickens are mueh attached to eaeh other; and I daresay he wd. contrive to have some, few, of our first-rate artists, and a particular writer ar two to meet you. When we meet, you will tell me what your plans are, and we will try to arrange.

Dickens' breakfast is, I suppose, on the 2d of August.

Do you remember that you promised Lady Blessington a Danish poem - which she will publish in her prettiest Christmas volume.

I wish to bring my young Artist friend to call on you. He will just take your physiognomical dimensions with the Callipen, and then prepare his clay for modelling, so that you will need very little time ar trouble for sittings. Two hours, I hope, wd. be all that wd. be requested.

You see, I had a heap of things to say to you, and one of the pleasantest of all is, that I have found every person who has met you entertaining the same admiration for your genius, and the same affectionate regard for yourself as I do, though I will hardly allow to so great an extent as

Yours most truly,

W. Jerdan

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