Dato: 18. juli 1847
Fra: Charles Boner   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Sunday Morning [July 18, 1847].

My dear Andersen,

I cannot leave England without wishing you once more Adieu. I wish it were possible for me to see you once more. I hope that while I write this you are reposing quietly in the country, and that you already feel the genial influence of the sweet, pure air and of that calm which to me, and I am sure to you also, is so soothing and delightful.

I trust you will get new strength: pray take care af yourself, and do not attempt too much. You have seen enough of Town; do now, I beg you, look at the country, which, particularly at this moment, is so very beautiful. My meeting with you will also be a happy circumstance for me to recur and dwell an; do not forget me, and always let your remembrance of me be as affectionate and sincere as that of

your very faithful friend,

Charles Boner.

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