Dato: 10. juli 1847
Fra: Mary Howitt   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Saturday morning [July 10, 1847].

My dear Mr. Andersen,

I wrote yesterday in haste and forgot to tell you that we shall hope to see you by 2 o'clock or ½ past 2 to dinner. You do not say in what part of London you breakfast, but if you leave your friends at 12 o'clock, there will be time enough for you to come to us. If l would have had an answer from you l would have asked you to name your own hour.

With us we can offer you quietness and an affectionate home. I only wish I could make you feel that in truth we are your oldest friends in London, for we knew and loved you through your books, in which you have so beautifully developed yourself, long before any body else in London, nay even in England, knew you - and therefore who would make you welcome if we did not?

I am, dear Mr. Andersen, Yours truly,

Mary Howitt

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