Dato: 9. juli 1847
Fra: Mary Howitt   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Clapton. Friday [July 9, 1847].

My dear Friend,

You have altogether mistaken. l do not want to say one word to you about the Penge-sager. l will not enter on any subject of money with you, this I promised you before and I have told Mr. Hambro the same. I pray you to believe me.

I wanted to see you, but not on money-matters, and now therefore let the subject drop between us. It has already been very painful to me. l have meant nothing but kindness towards you, and our wish to see you here was because we wished to show you how much we loved you. It will give us great pleasure to see you on Sunday. - We hope you will stay all night with us. You will find a family both of old and young who love you sincerely and whose only wish is to make you happy.

I am, dear Sir, Yours very truly,

M. Howitt

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