Dato: 22. oktober 1846
Fra: Charles Boner   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

St. Emeran, Ratisbon.

Dear Sir,

In February last I took the liberty of writing to you, and sent the letter to Berlin where you were staying; but as I have not had the pleasure of receiving an answer, I fear my communication never reached you.

I had the honour of being the first to present an English version of your most charming tales to my countrymen. They have been illustrated by my friend Count Pocci of Munich, whose name may not be unfamiliar to you. The little work would, I think, please you, and if you would oblige me by letting me know how I could send you a copy, I should be proud and delighted to do so.

Nothing, my dear Sir, would please me more than to have an opportunity of becoming personally acquainted with you; to be able to shake you friendly by the hand, and to thank you for the increasing delight you have afforded me.

Let me hope that I may one day have this pleasure: meanwhile Believe me, dear Sir, Very much yours,

Charles Boner.

October 22, 1846.

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