Dato: 26. juli 1847
Fra: Mary Howitt   Til: Joseph Hambro
Sprog: engelsk.

Monday morning [July 26, 1847]

Dear Sir,

I return you Mr. Andersen's letter to you as Mr. Bird informs me you wish for it. I have received a letter from Mr. Andersen, but I cannot understand from it whether he has seen my letter to you. He does not speak of it.

The suspicion there seems to be of my having had some selfish design towards him by ensuring to him a small payment on the publication of my translation of his Biography has given me great pain, and as I know my intentions to have been only upright and generous i wish that both you and Mr Andersen should now consider him quite free to act independently of me. It is a satisfaction to me to know that my translations of his works have done him great good in England.

From the straightforward and gentlemanly spirit you showed when we called upon yo I trust to you seeing the affair in the same light that I do.

I have no other feelings towards Mr. Andersen than those of kindness and I wish that he should still consider me his sincere friend although I may not have the pleasure of being his translator.

Perhaps you had better let him see this note.

I am dear Sir, Yours truly,

Mary Howitt

Hambro Esq.

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