Dato: 25. august 1847
Fra: Marguerite Blessington, f. Power   Til: William Jerdan
Sprog: engelsk.

Gore House, August 25, 1847.

My dear Mr. Jerdan,

I hasten to acknowledge your note. Sir E.B. Lytton left England for Germany ten days ago, and will be absent some months, I believe. Thanks for your kind attention to my request. When Mr. Andersen returns, will you tell him how much pleasure it would give me to see him before he leaves London, and that I shall be at home every Evening from nine til ½ past eleven. Need I say how glad I should be if you could accompany him. Min niece, tho' a little better, is still confined to her room, which precludes me from having company at dinner just at present. [ ...]

Believe me, my dear Mr. Jerdan, very sincerely yours,

M. Blessington.

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