Dato: 10. januar 1857
Fra: Shirley [Charles William] Brooks   Til: Henry Mayhew

[Homage to Hans Christian Andersen]

A Genuine Letter from a young Lady.

Dear Mr. Punch.

we Hope you are Quite well and i wish you Manny Happy returns of Chrismas and i Hope you will Excuse me riting to You but mamma Says you allways are Fond of little peeple so i Hope you will Excuse as me And charley read in the illustrated London [News] that Mr. Hans Christian andersen is Coming to spend His Hollidays in England And we shold like to see Him becase he as Made us All so Happy with his Betiful storys the ugly duck the Top and the ball the snow Quen the Red shoes the Storks little ida the Constant tinsoldeir great claws and Little Claws the darning Needle and All the rest of Them and it says in the ilustat [several attempts, a smear, and the spelling evaded by] Paper the children shold Meet him in the Crys-pallace and we shold Like to Go and tell him how much We love him for his betiful stores do you kno the tinder box and tommelise and charley liks the wild Swans best but i Hope you will Excuse bad riting and i Am

Your affectionate


Charley says i Have not put in wat We ment if you please Will you put In punch wat everybody is to Do to let Mr. hans Ansen know how Glad we are He is coming.

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