Dato: 27. juni 1857
Fra: William Harrison Ainsworth   Til: Anne S Bushby

5, Arundel Terrace, Kemp Town, Brighton. June 27, 1857.

My dear Mrs Bushby. I fear my Daughters will not be in town next week, or they would be delighted to accept your tempting invi- tation for the evening Friday next; but I sincerely trust I shall be able to come to you, as I should very much indeed like to meet Andersen.

I have just returned irom Dunmow where on Thursday I had the pleasure of presenting a Flitch of Bacon to a loving couple from Staffordshire. The fête went off very well, and I wish Andersen could have been present on the occasion, as I think the ceremonial from its quaint and peculiar character would have pleased him.

With best compts [short for compliments], - Very truly Yours

W. Harrison Ainsworth

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