Dato: 11. oktober 1847
Fra: Mary Russell Mitford   Til: Charles Boner
Sprog: engelsk.



Lamartine's book is very striking indeed: all the people at the palace, Lady Lyttleton, the sub-governess, Miss Skerrett, the Queen herself, who reads so little, have been devouring it. Her Majesty had als o written to Miss Skerrett from Scotland desiring her to procure Andersen's Memoirs in German. I have sent your translations, with the Irish poems and Motherwell, to the Palace this very week ; so that I am sure yours will be the first English translation of Andersen that Her Majesty and the governesses will see, and I have no doubt but it will befollowed by the purchase of the volumes. I wrote - all about you, dear friend, if the Queen should be curious. [...]

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