Dato: 9. august 1846
Fra: Mary Russell Mitford   Til: Charles Boner
Sprog: engelsk.

[...] I was delighted to find Andersen writing such excellent English; among other reasons because he - will, I think, be capable of - estimating the vast difference between his translatør and his translatress, if one may so speak of the Danisb-English doer-into of the German [Editor: Mrs. Howitt translated Andersen's Improvisatore, considered to be extremely well rendered from the original Danish].() version for the books, for such it is said, Mrs. Howitt is. I wrote the other day to Miss Skerrett ("the Queen's Miss Skerrett," who has so much to do in recommending books all through the palace; and who, herself a great Danish scholar, would be a good judge of the beauty of your versions); begging if the Danish stories were not in the royal nursery that she would place them there, which she says she will do. She tells me that, in addition to her multifarious occupations, she has been much tormented this year by the necessity of officiating as interpreter between a German maid and a French maid, belonging to the Queen, neither of whom knows a word of any language but her own. As Miss Skerrett is not going into Scotland with Her Majesty, tbe poor foreigners must get on how they can,


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