Dato: Juli 1846
Fra: Mary Russell Mitford   Til: Charles Boner
Sprog: engelsk.

July, 1846.

How can I ever thank you half enough, my dear mr. Boner, for the two charming volumes, which I have just received, and for the surprise, the honour, and the gratification of the prefatory address. The books are, in every sense of the word, beautiful; the illustrations worthy of the stories, and the translation best of all The one only word that I have found to change in the next edition is "grey" as, applied to the Nightingale - lowly brown is the right colour, though no doubt Mr. Andersen said "grey." Don't you remember that Thompson, always so accurate, talks of her russet 'robe. That story of "The Nightingale," which contains so fine an allegory, and "The Wild Swans," seem to me the most charming of the book. Is that your own opinion? Once more accept my truest thanks.

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