Dato: 3. maj 1845
Fra: Robert Browning   Til: Elizabeth Moulton Barrett Browning
Sprog: engelsk.

Saturday Morning. [May 3, 1845]

Now you shall see what you shall see [...]

And the special instance that vexed me, was that a man of sands and dog-roses and white rock and green sea-water just under, should come to Italy where my heart lives, and discover the sights and sounds .. certainly discover them. And so do all Northern writers; for take up handfuls of sonetti, rime poemetti, doings of those who never did anything else, and try and make out, for yourself, what .. say, what flowers the tread on, or trees they walk under, - as you might bid them, those tree & flower loving creatures, pick out of our North poetry a notion of what our daises and harebells and furze bushes and brambles are - 'Odorosi fioretti, rose porporine, bianchissimi gigli'.[...]

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