Dato: 13. august 1845
Fra: Elizabeth Moulton Barrett Browning   Til: Robert Browning
Sprog: engelsk.

August 13, 1845]


It was very curious, the pheonomenon about your 'Only a player-girl'. What an un-godlike indifference to your creatures though - your worlds, breathed away from you like soap bubbles, & dropping & braking into russet portfolios unobserved! Only a god for the Epicureans, at best, - can you be? That Miss Cushman we4nt to The Three Mile Cross the other day, & visited Miss Mitford, & pleased her a good deal, I fancied from what she said, ... and with reason, from what you say. And 'Only a fiddler,' as I forgot to tell you yesterday, is announced, you may see in any newspaper, as about to issue from the English press by mary Howitt's editorshiip. So we need not go to America for it. But if you complain of George Sand wor want of art, how could you bear Andersen, who can see a thing under his eyes & place it under yours, & take a thougt separately into his soul & express it insularly, but has no sort of instinct towards wholeness & unity - and writes a book by putting so many pages togehter, ... just so!

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