Dato: 30. april 1845
Fra: Robert Browning   Til: Elizabeth Moulton Barrett Browning
Sprog: engelsk.

Wednesday Morning, April 30 1845.

If you did but know, dear Miss Barret, the 'full stop' after 'Morning', just above, has turned out the fullest stops, - and how for about a quarter of an hour since the ink dried I have been reasoning out the why & wherefore of the stopping, the wisdom of it, and the foly of it ... [...]

No, spite of all the lines in the world [...] That book you like so, the Danish novel, must be full of truth & beauty, to judge from the few extracts I have seen in Reviews. That a Dane should write so, confirms me in an old belief - that Italy is stuff for the use of the North, and no more - pure Poetry there is none, nearly as possible none, in Dante even - material for Poetry in the pitifullest romancist of their thousands, on the contrary - strange that those great wide black eyes should stare nothing out of the earth that lies before them!

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