Dato: 16. august 1854
Fra: Barclay Pennock   Til: Bayard Taylor
Sprog: dansk.

Kennett Square Aug 16, 1854

Dear Bayard,

Here is an Autograph of H. C. Andersen's which I meant to give you while you were at home. It is the only one I have which has his name written in full. When I called with Mr. Schroeder on F. Bremer, he proposed to give it for me as an autograph, thus I came to retain it after she had read it. The very indorsing of it is characteristic of Andersen "The Renowned Authoress, Miss. F.B." [se brev: Brev

Yours ever

Barclay Pennock

Tekst fra: Helge Topsøe-Jensen (Topsøe afskrift)