Dato: 6. august 1847
Fra: Charles Boner   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.


My dear Andersen,

I herewith send you what in fact is your own already - some of your charming Stories, in the language of that country where your works, and lately yourself, have met with so hearty a welcome.

The translation of "Little Tuk" was begun, you know, in your own room in London, one day while I was awaiting your return. You were surprised "and pleased to find me so employed; and your words, when I asked if you would like me to do the others - "Oh, yes! Certainly! Pray do them all!" - determined me at once to complete the collection, part of which I had already sent you in 1846. They were, moreover, made doubly interesting by all you told me about them, and of the circumstances under which they were written.

You see, then, I do "remember the fairy tales," as you write to me in in your last letter; and as this volume which contains them - independent of the authorship - is thus in many ways connected with yourself, and with your stay in England, when we were so much together, allow me to beg you will accept them in remembrance o those pleasant hours, which (I think I may say it) will not soon be forgotten by either of us.

Yours, dear Andersen,

Charles Boner.

Donau Stauf, near Ratisbon, August 6th, 1847.

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