Dato: 18. november 1846
Fra: Charles Beckwith Lohmeyer   Til: William Jerdan
Sprog: engelsk.

Copenhagen, 18th Nov. 1846.

As a personal friend, and the translator of Mr. H. C. Andersen's sketches of travel, entitled A Poet's Bazaar, it was my intention to have written to you some time ago, to thank you for the very liberal manner in which you have at all times noticed his productions. Unforeseen circumstances obliged me to delay until to-day, which, however, I do not regret, and trust you will not; as it affords me an opportunity of transmitting to you some news relative to the Danish poet Oehlenschlæger. My first communication would have related solely to Andersen, to whom I made known your notice of the Poet's Bazaar, and others of his works, in the Literary Gazette, and the kind wishes therein ex¬pressed towards him. He has desired me to say that he returns you his sincere thanks for your friendly expressions regarding his welfare, that he considers your Journal the principal medium through which his writings have been made known to the English public; and that, as he is now restored to health, he looks forward with pleasure to the coming year when he intends visiting a nation with which he has been too long unacquainted. The letter written to you by Mr. Ainsworth (see Literary Gazette, No. 1551, p. 877) afforded him much pleasure, as he called to mind some pleasant reminiscences of travel. ...

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