Dato: 16. maj 1850
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: J. A. Josephson
Sprog: dansk.

HCA first mentions enclosing to manusript faity tales "The Little Fir Tree and The Snow Queen. He alsomentions an opera libretto entitled "Nøkken", whe he had written for the Danish composer Niles Gade, but Gade had rejected the project on grounds that he did not wish to set a Nordic text. Therefore, Andersen employs Josepson to consider the project for himself ... it woudl be a very fraternal, not to say Scandinavian thing, for a Dane to provide the text for a Swede to set to music ... He closes the letter by asking that his best wishes be given to his beloved Jenny Lind.

Tekst fra: H.C. Andersens Hus