Dato: Marts 1866
Fra: George Bell   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

London, 186 Fleet Street. March 1866.

Dear Sir,

You have, I hope received by this time aomse of Mrs Gatty's little stories of Parables; they have been addressed to your Publisher's care.

With regard to Mrs. Gatty's note which accompanied this I wish to say that we are desirous of securing from you early copies of newr translatlon and insertion in a periodical published monthly.

If you can arrange this directly or through your publisher we should be willing to pay at the rate of 10/- for every page (say 450 words) of your printed work.

As there is no law by which you can secure copyright in this country we should be glad to make any arrangement by which the publication could be postponed in Denmark, but presume that this would be difficult to accomplish.

In the absense of any better arrangement it has occurred to us that the proposition may meet with your approval, as it would give you a moderate sum for a duplicate copy when you at present do not get anything at all.

We should be much pleased if you can assent to this proposition and if you can send us any unpublished story for a number to appear on the 1st May.

I am, Dear Sir, Yours very truly.

George Bell.

Bell & Daldy, 186 Fleet Street.

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