Dato: 21. marts 1857
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. March 21, 1857.

My dear Friend,

I received your welcome letter of the 17th instant this moming, and hasten to reply to it. Just let me thank you sincerely for the kind manner in which you received the suggestion I ventured to make in regard to the translation. To have published such a rendering of your work would have been, I feel strongly a great injustice to your genius, and had l done so without acquainting you with my conviction I should have acted unworthily towards you.

Now, then, I will go to work with the translation without any delay, and feel no doubt, if you kindly forward to me the printed sheets as you propose, that I shall be ready by the time you mention.

With regard to the consideration for the copyright after the information you have given I have no doubtof meeting your expectations.

When you have completed your task, then I presume you will be thinking of wending your way towards England. Welcome whenever you come, you may be quite sure you will be, not only to Mr Dickens, but to other smaller stars. We are all now in the miseries and confusion of a General Election. Thank Heaven the time occupied by these matters is now much shortened. During the time it lasts, however little heed is taken about all other things, and books - except party pamphlets - are quite forgotten. Your book therefore will be well timed appearing in May.

Believe me to remain, My dear friend,

yours sincerely attached

Richard Bentley.

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