Dato: 28. august 1847
Fra: William Jerdan   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

28 Augt. [1847]

My dear Friend,

I was much affected by your visit this morning - a sad pleasure I shall never forget.

I did not tell you how I thanked you for, and valued, your portrait. It shall be one of my Loves.

Dickens is at Broadstairs near Ramsgate; but you cd. write a note by post this Evening and inform him at what time you wd arrive aat the latter, i am sure he wd. be there to meet you

I send you six Lit. Gazettes of today, and hope you will like the account of my much-loved Busts. i shall always be proud of having procured to such treasures to be made - it will link my name hereafterwith those of Andersen and Lind! If convenient, please present one of my Journals to your Ambassador, and others to any friends in London, Germany or Denmark. I shd. like much to have the Column abour yours and Lind's likeness translated into the publications of those countries.

Again let me say God bless you, adn restore you soon to some of the quietude needful for you after the excitement your susceptible nature and poetic temperament have received in England and Scotland. My only regret is having seen so little of you; bu tI have rejoiced in the courtesies and honours from every rank which have kept you from me. Pray let me hear from you on your arrival at Copenhagen. Offer my kind regards to Mr. Beckwith, and believe me

my dear friend, Yours most faitfully,

W. Jerdan

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