Dato: 1. august 1847
Fra: William Jerdan   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

My dear friend

You have, I daresay, like myself been informed of the prevention of our breakfast with Dickens - "Tis true, tis pity, pity &tis, &tis true." -

I am greatly delighted with your bust by my young sculptor whose genius as well as yours shines in this faithful likeness. he has not only executed the work with wonderful rapidity, but he has caught the real lineaments of your countenance and given a just and fine expression of the head. The man and the Poet are there.

It wd. be a great thing for him to have only one quarter of an hour of Mlle lind, to finish the mouth - all the rest is noble and admirable. Would she not pay his studio a visit to see you, and allow a few minutes to perfect herself. Pray ask her; and tell her, if you please that the plot for taking her was mine, adn that my L. Gazette was the first publication in England which made her rare endowments known to the public. I may therefore prefer a little claim upon her goodness, to let this production be finished with the advantage it ought to enjoy, and protect her features in their sweetest and divinest character from the feeble imitations and imperfections of plaster casts and printshops.

We must have you Northern Lights as you are; and before her Exode (not exit) for the Season, I hope to be gratified with the bust "as Genesis" - (Jenny sees!) There is the worst pun that ever was made.

I trust to meet you before you go to Scotland and shall be happy if you have a day disengaged for

Yours most sincerely

W. Jerdan

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