Dato: 1. april 1875
Fra: George Browning   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Holbergsgade 28, 1 sal, Copenhagen. April 1st 1875.

Tomorrow, my dear Sir, all the world knows is your birthday, and to the myriads of greetings that will reach you from far and near - I wished to add mine accompanied by some token of my deep admiration for your stories that are known in every household of my native land, and the question only remained: Hvad kan man hitte paa? Two days ago a letter came to me from an artist in London bemoaning the absence of a Pericles, and this recalled what a Danish Painter not many years ago replied, and he thought a great deal of his own work and not so much of Raphael as might have been expected - "paint like Raphael - Yes that would not be so difficult but who is going to pay for it?" To cure my artistic friend in London who believes naturally that the Age is not an appreciative one no better pill could be sent than an English version of your well told story - and after its perusal I do not doubt but that a picture worthy the patronage of a Pericles will ensue. The translation I do myself the pleasure to enclose and were you to kindly grant the permission I would like to forward the MSS to London with a few remarks about the celebration in Copenhagen of your 70th birthday and the statue about to be inaugurated in your honour at Copenhagen.

Believe me all English children great and small join in congratulating you on this occasion and say with me, "May you have many many happy returns of the day."

Yours most sincerely,

George Browning.

To Hr. Etatsraad H. C. Andersen.

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