Dato: 12. februar 1875
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 12 February 1875


My dear and honored friend:

I have not had the pleasure of hearing from you since my last letter to you, but I trust you have quite recovered your health and strength. Perhaps you are travelling in the south at this time, & have thus escaped the northern winter. With us this has been an unusually severe season: ever since New Years Day the co Id has been almost uninterruptedly severe and intense.

I enclose the half yearly statement of copyright due you with draft on London in settlement for [£] 21/8/7 -a slight payment, but representing truthfully the sales of the volumes. Y our publishers send their best wishes for yon and hopes that the amount may steadily increase. Have you written anything of late? I have seen no new announcement. Yet I can hardly believe that you would remain so long without a word for your friends both at home and here.

For myself, I have lately given up my business interest, in order to devote myself exclusively to literature, and hope to write for the journals here and in New York, as well as to occupy myself with more extended work. Meanwhile I have a desk at the Press, and come down for an hour or two each afternoon. Pray continue to address me here.

I have been passing a quiet winter enlivened by a little event which I hope I may chronicle in my letter to yon. On Jan'y 2d. my wife was safely delivered of two little girls, whom we have named Sylvia and Ethel, (family names), and mother & children are doing excellently well.

Pardon this garrulous letter. I hope I may hear from you & would gladly receive something from you to translate.

Ever your attached friend


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